Kathleen Lumiere, DAOM, MAc, LAc

Current Roles

Dr. Lumiere is a clinical supervisor and classroom instructor at Bastyr. She has maintained a private practice since 2000 and pursues research and writing projects associated with traditional Chinese medicine, cancer, stroke rehabilitation, and electroacupuncture.


  • BA from the Evergreen State College in 1989 with an emphasis on philosophy and writing
  • Master of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and certificate in Chinese herbal medicine from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2000
  • Clinical doctorate (DAOM) from Bastyr University in 2008, specializing in teaching, research, and oncology

Past Experience

Dr. Lumiere began an acupuncture program for low-income patients at the 45th Street Medical Clinic in 2000. She has taught as an adjunct faculty member and clinical supervisor at Bastyr since 2007. In 2007 she presented a continuing education lecture on pre-made Chinese herbal medicines, and in 2009 she was a keynote speaker for the Anacortes Survivor’s Celebration. She wrote "A Review of Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Prevention of Secondary Cancer in Breast Cancer Survivors" in 2008, and was the principal investigator for a demographic study of community acupuncture in 2009-2010.

Classes Taught

Fundamentals of TCM, Case Review, Clinical Theater, Biophysics and Electroacupuncture, TCM Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Formulations.


Dr. Lumiere is interested in oncology and immune function, electroacupuncture, stroke rehabilitation, peripheral neuropathy, and nutritional therapy.


Dr. Lumiere believes healing is an educative process that involves understanding how disharmonies of the body/mind occur and learning more rewarding ways to live. She holds that, as an ever-evolving result of hundreds of years of therapeutic adaptation, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers a congruent philosophy and practical means to achieve greater health.


Portrait of Kathleen Lumiere, DAOM, MAc, LAc
Kathleen Lumiere DAOM, MAc, LAc
School of Traditional World Medicines
Department of Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine