Katherine Sauerlender, LM, CPM, MSM

Current Roles

Katherine provides prenatal, birth, and postpartum care to Seattle families and serves as a clinical preceptor at Seattle Home Maternity in Columbia City. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr.


Katherine obtained a BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington and graduated from Bastyr with a Master’s of Science in Midwifery.

Past Experience

Katherine completed her clinical midwifery training with nurse-midwives and licensed midwives in San Francisco, Kirkland, Bellingham and Seattle. After graduating from Bastyr, she started a solo practice in Seattle.

Prior to pursuing midwifery, Katherine worked as a Spanish-English childbirth educator and doula in a community birth center in New York City. She has conducted and been a part of research projects concerning medical interpreting in the healthcare setting, breastfeeding attitudes and practices, and early childhood learning.

Classes Taught

Counseling For the Childbearing Year I


Katherine's teaching interests include evidence-based midwifery care, informed decision making, medical ethics and interpersonal communication skills. 


Katherine believes that midwives are most effective as clinicians and counselors when they are self-aware, and thus this is a focus of her teaching. She strives to weave concepts central to midwifery care--informed decision making, cultural humility and medical ethics--into her courses.

Katherine Sauerlender LM, CPM, MSM
School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences
Department of Midwifery