Emma Norton, ND

Current Roles

Dr. Norton is an assistant professor at Bastyr University California. She is also a faculty supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic in San Diego.


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of New Hampshire at Durham, New Hampshire in 1994
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in in 2003

Past Experience

  • Private Practice: 2003 — 2006 Cheshire, Connecticut and 2013-2014 in Farmington, Connecticut.
  • Clinic Coordinator: 2005 — 2009, in addition to teaching clinic supervision.
  • Teaching: 2005 — 2015 Clinical Supervisor in the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine teaching clinic.
  • Adjunct professor: 2010 — 2011 Teaching clinic supervisor and instructor for physical exam course. Designed new curriculum for this course.
  • Assistant Professor:  2011 — June 2015 Taught in clinic as well as physical exam class; Spring 2015 assisted in laboratory diagnosis class at University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.  


Dr. Norton is certified in “First Line Therapy,” a proven program that incorporates personal lifestyle medicine and supports changes such as healthy nutrition, nutritional protocols, exercise and stress management. Other more specific interests include endocrine disorders (including thyroid disease, diabetes), cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, mental health issues (including depression and anxiety), autoimmune disease, allergies, intestinal disorders and women’s health.


Health is a state of homeostasis, where all the systems of the body function optimally and waste is eliminated efficiently. People become sick when they do not follow the basic laws of nature and the body becomes out of balance. I work with patients to uncover the causes of the imbalances, enhance elimination of toxins and facilitate restoration of health. I work with the patient to formulate a plan that is realistic and attainable and includes lifestyle recommendations (food plan and exercise), as well as nutritional supplements, herbs, hydrotherapy and other remedies such as biotherapeutic drainage and homeopathy.

Emma Norton, ND
Emma Norton ND
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