Phoebe Chan, ND

Current Roles

Dr. Yin is an assistant professor at Bastyr University and a core faculty member at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. She also sees patients in private practice in practitioner care at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.


  • ND from Bastyr University

Classes Taught

Naturopathic Case Analysis and Management 1; Clinical Ecology; Dermatology; Geriatrics


Dr. Yin is interested in allergies, environmental medicine, digestive disorders, women's health and geriatric health. Dr. Yin also emphasizes preventive health through routine screening exams (annual exams, labs, etc.) and long-term modification of diet and lifestyle.


Dr. Yin's approach is to identify the root causes of symptoms by considering the person as an integrated whole: physical-mental-emotional-spiritual. She sees her role as that of an educator, someone who empowers patients with the knowledge to promote their innate healing abilities in conjunction with natural and conventional therapies. This starts with encouraging the patient to adopt a lifestyle of adequate sleep, eating whole foods, hydration, exercise and the pursuit of what is meaningful.

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Phoebe Chan ND
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