Kent Littleton, ND

Current Roles

Dr. Littleton is a core faculty member in the School of Natural Health Arts and Sciences.


  • BS in chemistry from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia in 1976
  • MS in organic chemistry from the University of Washington in 1985
  • ND from Bastyr University in 2003

Past Experience

Dr. Littleton began a career of teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry in 1978. He also worked for six years as the chief chemist in a clinical reference laboratory, where he developed chromatographic clinical assays.

Classes Taught



Dr. Littleton's interests include using case studies in the teaching of medical biochemistry and communicating with authors to correct the errors in popular biochemistry textbooks.


Dr. Littleton believes that student achievement is the bottom line, and tries to make that the first consideration in all of his teaching decisions. He believes that when we view each other holistically and offer one another positive regard, we can create an atmosphere in which it is possible to be both relaxed and attentive — an atmosphere in which we can both learn and enjoy the process.

Portrait of Kent Littleton, ND
Kent Littleton ND
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