ND Week 2022: Better Health, Together.

Students stand in front of Bastyr pillars holding up avocado signs

Bastyr University Celebrates Naturopathic Medicine Week  

Happy Naturopathic Medicine Week! Ever since the first official ND Week in 2013, our community has used this opportunity to educate the public on what naturopathic medicine is and how it can help to transform health care.  We hope you’ll celebrate with us! This year’s theme is “Better Health, Together.” According to the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, the theme “celebrat[es] the inclusion of naturopathic medicine as part of a holistic approach to achieving better health outcomes.”   

Three areas all NDs hope to expand: 

  • Partnering with Patients 
  • Partnering with health care professionals  
  • Partnering with Future NDs 

Social Media Kit 


Here are some educational materials to share on your social media pages to spread awareness about naturopathic medicine:

Student Engagement

Bastyr wants to know – What’s your favorite class as an ND student, and what are your plans after graduation? If you’re wanting to participate in ND week on social but are out of ideas, we’ve created a few templates for you to use on Instagram posts and stories. Be sure to tag us @bastyruniversity and use the hashtag #naturopathicmedicineweek2022! 

ND Schools Battle for the Avocado Trophy

Naturopathic Medicine Students compete every year for the avocado trophy and bragging rights for ND week through a social media challenge. Students are encouraged to post to their social media channels to gain points for their school. For example, students can earn ten points for posting about the therapeutic order, 20 points for making your own naturopathic medicine meme, or 35 points for getting an instructor to wear an avocado costume during a lecture. Follow NMSA’s Bastyr San Diego chapter and NMSA Bastyr Seattle chapter on their social media channels all week through the links and hashtags below: 

We hope you’ll join us May 15-21 as we celebrate naturopathic medicine. Shout out to the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges and The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Medicine for choosing such a great theme!