Meet Bastyr's Financial Aid Team

Want to know who can help you with financial matters at Bastyr? Meet your financial aid staff, and get their advice on all things financial aid!

Danette Grace Wells, Financial Aid Director

Danette WellsAs the Director of Financial Aid, I am responsible for the operations of the Financial Aid Office. One important piece of advice for those hoping to receive financial aid:  Be aware of application deadlines and submit financial aid documents in a timely manner. Completing financial aid applications early prevents delays in receiving funds, and could mean the difference in receiving a grant or not. Students who have turned in their applications early are given priority for aid sources that have limited funds. If you have questions, concerns or compliments, please email me at

Chris Laughery, Financial Aid Advisor

I am happy to be here to assist Bastyr ND students, both at the Kenmore and San Diego campuses.  Don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of my team members, we are all here to help. The best piece of advice I can give you is to check MyBU each quarter about two weeks before a new quarter is to begin.  If you don't have financial aid in place, contact us immediately!  If you wait until the term begins, it's too late for us to get your money here on time.  You can also subscribe to Financial Aid under our Forums section to be notified when we make an official announcement.  You can reach me at  

Nancy Chrisman, Financial Aid Advisor

I am excited to help you learn the elements of financial aid that are important to your particular circumstances and program. Being timely, thorough and meeting deadlines in filling out forms and other required steps will serve you well. I will do all I can to make the process understandable so that you can efficiently complete the portions that are your responsibility – and then re-focus on the priority - your studies. Do not hesitate to contact me at I will communicate as quickly and clearly as possible. 

Jenny Zhang, Work-Study Coordinator

As Work Study Coordinator, I am responsible for all aspects of the work study program from posting jobs to entering information into the payroll system. A work study position can help you with your educational expenses. It can also give you valuable experience in your field of study. When you are filling out the FAFSA make sure that you check the “interested in work study” box and also check the work study box on the Bastyr Financial Aid Application. If you have any questions about the work study program, please contact me at


Office# (for walk-ins)

Please check in at Student Services Reception, Room 249.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Not all staff available during all office hours. If you need a specific person, please check with them for availability. 


Bastyr University
Financial Aid Office
14500 Juanita Drive N.E.
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Danette Grace Wells
Director of Financial Aid
(425) 602-3083

Nancy Chrisman
Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor
(425) 602-3084

Chris Laughery
ND Advisor
(425) 602-3082

Susan Farley
Work Study Coordinator
(425) 602-3081



(425) 602-3094


General Questions:
Please send all emails to our general mailbox.  If you send a question or a form to a specific person, and they are out unexpectedly, our response may be delayed.

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